Providing mental health awareness
and coaching to your workplace

What We Do

Working with you in MIND

We provide specialist Mental health and workplace wellness programmes, coaching, non-clinical mentoring designed around the unique requirements of your business.

With a professional background in Mental health Nursing, senior management, coaching and a Mental Health First Aider you will receive expert knowledge and skills for your teams.

Your employees are your greatest asset, looking after their Mental health and well being will result in increased motivation, reduced sickness absence, increased productivity, and overall individuals and  teams who feel valued and happy.

Hi I’m Jo Perruzza. – I help organisations to embed Mental Health awareness into their work place, by creating bespoke training programmes and coaching. This will increase your organisations productivity, health and happiness.

Our Mission

Equip staff with the right knowledge to improve their mental wellness.

Free Mental Health Virtual Workshop

Working with you in mind have a free mental health workshop available for you, during troubled times.
The workshop is designed to support you and your teams mental health and wellness during the challenges organisations are facing.

Contact us on 07583478993. Or click the button below and fill out the online form.

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Providing mental health awareness and coaching to your workplace

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