Long after the pandemic is over and we are no longer in quarantine the impact on our Mental Health is going to be bigger than imagined.

Many people are already experiencing mental health concerns and symptoms of Mental illness.


  • Depression
  • Dress Anxiety
  • Irrational thinking
  • Low mood
  • Paranoid beliefs and behaviour
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder


 A survey completed by Mind revealed some shocking statistics.

25 percent of adults contacting the NHS were unable to get the support they were looking for.

A further 1:3 adults and more than 1:4 young people did not try to access support during lockdown as they believed there problem wasn’t serious enough.

People living in social housing reported their mental health half deteriorated further during lockdown. Similarly 58 per cent of under 18’s who receive free school meals reported their mental health was poor or very poor.

This is a global pandemic and a traumatic crisis and our government must take the impact on mental health seriously long after lockdown ends.

As an employer do you feel skilled and equipped to support your employees in the workplace who may be included in some of these startling figures.

Working with you in MIND focus on supporting you and your staff in these unsettling times.If you would like to explore what we offer further Please contact info@workingwithyouinmind.co.uk

Thank you.

Founder Working with you in MIND.